MAY 31, 2016 — Brett Kilroe made his living making other people visible. ... “He would create the world, the whole back story,” the photographer Dan Winters, a longtime friend and collaborator of Kilroe’s.

THE CREATORS PROJECT | Poetry Makes a Brief, Triumphant Stand at Performa

NOVEMBER 19, 2015 — The three readings are curated by Mark Beasley to explore the “distinct and peculiar motifs of language online.”

HYPERALLERGIC | At Performa, Two Poets Make Online Language Flexible and Freeing

NOVEMBER 13, 2015 — At A&E Studios, for the new Performa Poetry Series, titled What if someone told u you were significant?, there were beach chairs and free beer — and the added environment of an art installation by Heather Phillipson, whose videos channeling the experience of online shopping were apt for a reading dedicated to poets “whose works borrow the distinct and peculiar motifs of language online.”

ARTNEWS | 9 Art Events to Attend in New York City This Week

NOVEMBER 9, 2015 - Featuring Alt-Lit poets, a group of millennial writers brought together by an Internet connection to create poetry and prose using the very language of digital communication that both alienates and comforts us in everyday life.

VISIONARIOS MAGAZINE | A+E Studios, "Sacred Shapes"

JUNE 5, 2015 — Together, these artists make a visual demonstration of how geometry within the confines of technology affects us in a myriad ways—giving the public a geometric mirror with which to glimpse our own geometric equation of the self.

WHITEWALL MAGAZINE | Mythical Millennial Mindsets in “Chasing Unicorns”

APRIL 21, 2015 — “Chasing Unicorns: Mythologies of Progress in American Landscapes” opened earlier this month A+E Studios in New York. The show is an allegorical group exhibition that explores themes around current economic shifts and the self-assured outlook of today’s younger generations.

ARTE FUSE | Chasing Unicorns: Mythologies of Progress in American Landscapes

APRIL 8, 2015 — Co-curated by Allison Barker and Jessica Speiser, Chasing Unicorns brings together representations of present day landscapes by five young artists whose work expresses nostalgic attitudes toward the past, conflicted relationships with the present, and imaginative optimism for the future.

MUSEE MAGAZINE | Felix R Cid: "X" at A+E Studios

FEBRUARY 11, 2015 — Understanding photography as the most accurate medium to create fictions with an open narrative of infinite resolutions, Cid creates paradoxical images where the conventional values of intuition are exaggerated. Using processes based on accumulation, Cid’s works raise questions about where the image starts and ends.