collin hughes, The forgotten continent


What a range of mood does the light offer from morning to night, from day to day from season to season and all through the years.
— Louis Kahn

An acclaimed photographer and adventurer, Collin Hughes documents his personal expedition to Antarctica in 2013 in The Forgotten Continent. Following an expedition team, Hughes discovered a continent as massive as it is mystifying, where natural physicality displaces contemporary notions of time and place, light and space.

In contrast to our current manufactured realities, and without the human scale of civilization, massive mountaintops feel almost eerily within reach, like a mirage in the desert - a great, white hallucination of ice and snow. Sunsets and sunrises blend together as the daylight spans nearly 24 hours, slowing down ones sense of time, and allowing the observance of its passage in slow motion through the vast emptiness of the landscape.

Ultimately, it was these distortions of light and scale that became most important in Hughes’ photographs. An investigation of the surreal, shape shifting landscape of epic proportion, each photograph exists as a visual manifestation of the profound impact the natural world has on perceptions of reality.

Collin Hughes (born in Minnesota, 1987) is a New York-based photographer best known for his documentation of people, utilizing avid exploration as a vehicle to document culture and lifestyle. Hughes is represented by Anderson Hopkins and has shot for brands Nike, Warby Parker, Wired, Google, Details and Dwell.

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Images courtesy of BFA