ON VIEW: APRIL 11 - MAY 12, 2018
160 West Broadway, NYC

A+E Studios is pleased to present, Concrete Dreams, a solo exhibition of paintings by Annie Shinn. Classically trained as a landscape painter, Shinn has taken her studies of the landscape and presented them from a new perspective, resulting in an abstract exploration of our natural changing environments through the use of whimsical color and layered textures.

Shinn finds herself most at most peace in the outdoors, living in New York City creates a different and often confusing environment for her inspiration. The more time spent in the city, the more distorted and blurred Shinn’s memories of the natural world become. Her nostalgia for nature manifests physically on each canvas through her use of non-naturalistic, dream-like color schemes that have the ability to render a potentially generic landscape highly subjective.

As a landscape painter living in an urban environment, Shinn has found that her sentiment for the natural world is inexplicably transposed onto her canvases, unexpected use of color often her most useful and literal vehicle to express her utopian dreams of nature. Shinn’s application of paint is adapted throughout the series to depict different elements of the landscape, from the use of a subtle drip-like technique to reflect the qualities of the rain, progressing naturally to thick layering of paint and build-up of texture that mimic the erosion of rock forms. 



Annie Shinn (b. 1985, Bellingham Washington) works across various mediums, ranging from oil and ink, to charcoal and spray paint. She honed her abstract expressionist style at an early age, eventually earning a BA in Visual Arts from Duke University in 2007, where she was the recipient of the Sue and Lee Noel Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts (2007). 

Annie continued refining her skills at the School of Visual Arts in New York (CE) with a concentration in silkscreen printing and experimental multimedia. In 2013, Annie moved to Venice Beach, CA to work as a Studio and Painting Assistant for Mark Grotjahn Studios. Annie currently resides in New York City and works at her own studio, A+E Studios.