Felix R. Cid


FEBRUARY 5 - MARCH 2, 2015


NEW YORK, January 23, 2015— A+E Studios is pleased to announce X, the first solo exhibition of photography of Felix R. Cid. Cid traveled to twelve different countries turning his camera on a unique physical example of our globalized planet—macro electronic music events. His final pieces unify hundreds of photographs to create densely textured, large-scale holistic composite images and will be on view at 160 West Broadway in Tribeca from February 5 to March 2, 2015.

Humans are turning Earth into a frantic overpopulated planet. Cid was looking for a subject that would allow him to create an imaginary interpretation of reality produced under the influence of a globalized society that is overwhelmed with physical information. Macro electronic music gatherings are unique documents of our socio-economic and socio- political times. Because of the new social media influences and the post-internet era, these events have come to be one of the most popular ways for young generations to gather all over the world. In 2015, 44 million people will attend 19,000 electronic music events all over the world. These venues show a world with no boundaries. They represent a physical example of a completely globalized planet.

From Romania to Australia, Cid traveled across three continents to photograph in these events where he worked tirelessly for days and nights. Once in the studio Cid unifies hundreds of his photographs to create a final and single picture. The photographs play with opposite ideas of representation. What at first resembles a dense abstract image, upon closer range, it transforms into an extremely detailed pictorial description of each individual. Looking at the final photographs, what the viewer sees does not in fact exist. It never did. The photographs materialize a constructed fiction created from hundreds of different points in spaces and moments in times. Surpassing conventional ideas of documentation, each photograph is a map of a fictional world, provoking tension between what we are capable of perceiving with our eyes and what we think we know.

Understanding photography as the most accurate medium to create fictions with an open narrative of infinite resolutions, Cid creates paradoxical images where the conventional values of intuition are exaggerated. Using processes based on accumulation, Cid’s works raise questions about where the image starts and ends. Simultaneously, the works embrace far and close, big and small, reality and fiction, creating tensions between opposite poles of representation and perception. Cid constructs his images from materials he mostly finds in urban environments, which then he alters in the studio finally, creating results that stimulates the confusion we all face when confronting reality.

About Felix R. Cid
Felix R. Cid (born 1976, Madrid) graduated from a GS program at the International Center of Photography in 2005, and holds an MFA in Photography from Yale University School of Art, where he was a nominated candidate for the 2012 Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship. In 2012, he was a nominee for the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Grant for Individual Artists. In 2013, he was a recipient of the Single Artist 2013 NYFA Fellowship, and the Gregory Millard Fellow. He currently has fellowship at AIM Bronx Museum. Cid has participated in numerous exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Oregon, Madrid, Arles, London and Paris. He lives in Brooklyn.

Image: Felix R. Cid, Untitled (New York, Monegros Desert), 2014 (detail). 
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